Windmill Golf Center

Standard Custom Club Fitting

A Windmill Golf Center Standard Custom Club Fitting helps golfers of all skill levels make  good decisions when it comes to purchasing new equipment. The Standard Fitting relies solely on our professional watching your ball flight and swing . Within each Standard Custom Club Fitting, you will go through a two-step process to assure the purchase of correct clubs is made.

The first step in a Standard Custom Club Fitting is to determine the brand and model, with the assistance of our staff, of the club that looks, plays, and fits best within your budget.

The second step involves our professional precisely fitting the make and model of club you selected to your individual height and swing.  This involves determining the correct shaft (length, composition, flex), grip (size and composition), and  the lie angel between the shaft and club head.

Standard Custom Club Fittings take place in a controlled environment year round that allows the fitter and player to see full flight of the ball. With club fitting systems from every major golf manufacturer our trained fitting professionals are able to supply players with all of their

At Windmill Golf Center we have the newest technology in fitting systems from:

Taylor Made - PING - Mizuno -Titleist - Nike - Callaway - Adams