Windmill Golf Center

Trackman Custom Club Fitting

It’s safe to say that every golfer wants to play better golf. There are two primary factors involved in attaining this goal - your unique swing and the club you use. At Windmill Golf Center, we make sure that the club you swing is constructed exactly to your swing to consistently deliver the best results possible. Golf is a difficult game on its own - don’t make it more difficult on yourself by using the wrong equipment.

At Windmill Golf Center our goal is to become recognized as one of the elite club fitting shops in the country. Our fitting and testing centers are equipped with the latest technology in TrackMan ball monitors. With TrackMan, the player is able to see data from every one of their swings. Unlike “Big Box Store” indoor fittings where a fitter simply tells you your swing speed and how far you hit the ball, our trained fitters will provide you with your club speed, attack angle, vertical and horizontal swing plane, face angle, club path, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, landing angle, and launch angle data.

At Windmill Golf Center we just don’t tell you to buy a specific club, we tell you why you should hit a specific club based on the data generated by your unique golf swing. Following each Trackman Fitting our trained fitter will supply you with a copy of your TrackMan data. This will allow you to have your own individual swing statistics to compare to future fittings.

Custom club fitting takes place in a controlled environment year-round that allows the fitter and player to see full flight of the ball. With club fitting systems from every major golf manufacturer, our trained fitting professionals are able to supply players with all of their equipment needs.

At Windmill Golf Center we have the newest technology in fitting systems from:

Taylor Made - PING - Mizuno -Titleist - Nike - Callaway - Adams