Windmill Golf Center

Trackman Iron Fitting

Properly fit irons will maximize distance and optimize a player’s accuracy, which in turn will lead to greatly improving a player’s confidence in their iron game. A Windmill Golf Center TrackMan Iron fitting is a detailed process that ensures you are using irons ideal for your own individual game. This step by step process enables a player to maximize their own potential and lower their scores.

The first step in a Windmill Golf Center TrackMan Iron Fitting is to calculate all of the specifications of the current irons that you play. Utilizing TrackMan launch monitors you will learn your swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, trajectory, ball spin rate, length of carry, total distance, and many other factors. With this data at hand, our fitting specialists will offer you a precise club configuration that will optimize your on-course performance. At Windmill Golf Center our fitting professionals will offer you multiple recommendations so you can select the best irons for your game that fits within your budget.

Windmill Golf Center offers the most current technology in irons from all major golf manufacturers. Call us now at 330.467.6425 to schedule a TrackMan Iron Fitting. We look forward to seeing you on the range