Windmill Golf Center

Trackman Wedge Fitting

One of the quickest ways to shoot lower scores is to be more precise and confident around the green. A Windmill Golf Center TrackMan Wedge Fitting addresses your needs in the short game category. Through an evaluation of your current wedge technique, the proper types and lofts of wedges are best suited for your playing style are determined.

Following a swing analysis, the proper wedge sole design is determined to optimize your performance around the green. The best loft options are determined based on your current set and your distance gapping needs. This will enhance your ability to control distance and trajectory on short approaches, chip shots pitches and sand shots. Lastly, the proper length of each wedge is found to further enhance your distance and accuracy control as well as provide the desired feel in the wedges.

Windmill Golf Center offers the most current technology in wedges from all major golf manufacturers. Call us now at 330.467.6425 to schedule a TrackMan Wedge Fitting. We look forward to seeing you on the range!