Windmill Golf Center

For 10 - 20 Handicaps

Mid-handicap golfers are players who have mastered the basics of the game but are motivated to improve. These players make consistent contact but have a few shots per round that keep them from performing at their best.

The mid-handicap golfer is the type of player who will see the most improvement from getting a custom fitting. Many players at this skill level tend to drop  3-5 strokes off of their game just from getting fit!

Some of the most important benefits that mid-handicap golfers receive from a custom fitting include:

• Improved Consistency – each club in your bag will improve in consistency due to an exact configuration to your individual needs

• More Distance and Accuracy – following a Windmill Golf Center custom fitting, mid-handicap golfers benefit from improved distance and accuracy delivered by clubs that are tailored to their individual needs

• New Technology –  with new technology in golf equipment emerging everyday, you can be sure that we will have the latest equipment from all major club manufacturers. You can be confident that you have the best technology available on the market to suit all of your golfing needs.

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