Windmill Golf Center

Club Fitting Rates

Driver or Iron Fitting - Up To 75 minutes: $125**

By collecting static and dynamic measurements and through the analysis of your personal ball flight information our experienced fitters will help you select the best fit driver or irons for your game.

SAM Putt Lab Fitting - 60 minutes: $125**

Within our indoor putting studio and using SAM Putt Lab, our fitters will analyze data pertaining to your putting stroke and set-up to help you select the best fit putter to make more putts and ultimately lower your scores.

Full Bag Fitting - 150-180 minutes: $250**

This tour caliber fitting experience will utilize industry leading launch monitor technology and live ball flight analysis to fit your game with new clubs, top to bottom, driver through wedges.

The Ultimate Fitting Experience - $595**

This fitting package includes a 9 hole playing lesson before your fitting, all aspects of the full bag fitting plus a 9 hole playing lesson after you’ve received your new clubs. You will also receive a one-time complimentary lie & loft evaluation.

** Qualified equipment purchases may be eligible for reduced pricing on fitting services. Ask a staff member for details.