Windmill Golf Center

Why Get Fitted For Custom Clubs

It’s safe to say that every golfer wants to play better golf. There are two primary factors involved in attaining this goal—the unique swing you take and the club you use. At Windmill Golf Center, we make sure that the club you swing is constructed exactly to your swing to consistently deliver the best results possible. Golf is a difficult game on its own - don’t make it more difficult on yourself by using the wrong equipment.

There are multiple reasons why all golfers, from beginners to low handicappers, should have a professional club fitting.

• It is much easier to have clubs fitted to your individual swing than to change your swing.

• Buying golf clubs “off of the rack” can often create problems. When buying “off the rack” golf clubs you are guessing at what will best fit your swing. In a custom fitting with one of our trained professionals, unique raw data is compiled that will allow our fitters to customize your clubs. These new clubs are custom fit to you and you alone.

• Another problem that arises when buying clubs “off the rack” is that there are no industry standards for equipment specifications. Within a set of manufacturer's clubs there are variances in shaft stiffness, club lie angles, loft settings, etc. These variances within a set of clubs can cause you to hit clubs within the same set inconsistently. Call us now at 330.467.6425 to schedule a custom fitting. We look forward to seeing you on the range!

And see why all golfers should get custom fit.....